Your Story Your Song

img_7618-e1497506545813.jpgWe all have a story and although we may not sing I think everyone’s life does ring out a particular sound or song.  I’m about to launch a new blog which will feature songs and excerpts from my book “This is my Story This is my Song” you can click the link here This is my Story if you’d like a sneak peak. But for now here’s some food for thought on “Your Song”.  To some it may sound a bit of a strange, but if you think about your life for a moment, you can probably see a particular theme or hear a certain sound rings out  louder than everything else.

What is it that you talk about all the time. What is it you think about a lot?  Who do you think about? Is it a person,  a hobby or a style?  Do you love nature, love music, love cars, horses, dogs, cats, flowers, perfume, in fact it could be anything or anyone?  I wonder if there is one particular thing that sounds out from you.

I’ve heard plenty of inspirational and motivational speakers over the years and as the years have passed I’ve come to realise that each one has a particular sound or song that resonates from them.  Their song is tied into their story and when they speak they can’t help sounding out their song in the story they tell.  Their theme or catch cry just keeps popping up in every message they bring.

Does your life have a sound – a life song?  It may be a passion or a purpose but it may not be as clear cut as that. What defines you?  Who defines you?

I don’t want to be defined by loss, disappointment and sorrow and I’ve dug deep wells so this sound won’t overtake my song.   I remind myself of what I love, who I love and who I live for.  I remind myself again that I’ve been created for joy and gladness. That doesn’t mean life will always be rosy and while at times, I’ve quietly carried a song of despair, I hopefully haven’t let that song define me.  I hope that the sound that resonates from me is a love for God and people.  My heart carries a desire to sound out a song of joy, a song of victory in the face of defeat and tho at times I’ve walked with tears I want to ring out a sound that there is JOY in my today, in my tomorrow because my song is tied to one who is more noble than myself, one who knows how to give good gifts even if we don’t always deserve it.

I think thats my song right there in a nutshell –  I keep ending up with that same sound in everything I write. Of course there are other little harmonies that are playing along with my melody – my love for nature, for river waters and ocean streams, for anything Italian for travelling abroad, but they are just harmonies in my life song.

What’s your life song?


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