When the excitement fades

Recently I had the great privilege of spending a few weeks in Italy investing into a dream I’ve had for some time. Some years back I’d stumbled upon an Aussie girl living in Italy.  Lisa kept popping up on my FB feed and I soon realised there was much more to this lady than the  pretty pics she posted of her home in Florence.

I keenly read and followed threads like a regular social media stalker. Turns out this lady was the writer of a book I’d pulled off the library shelf years earlier, in my pursuit of all things Italian.  I would read any historical non fictional story I could get my hands on just to feel a little bit closer to a land I’d fallen in love with.

Death in the Mountains is the true story of the murder a peasant farmer in the mountains of Casentino, Tuscany, in the winter of 1907.  It’s an easy and interesting read, one full of history and most enjoyable.

All that aside, I also found Lisa Clifford, ran a writers retreat in Italy. Instantly, I began to dream of one day being able to attend such a wonderful experience. Two things I loved all rolled into one.  Italy and Writing.

Dreams do come true and if you read my previous blog you’ll know that yours truly got to go to Italy again and to The Writers Retreat. Pinch myself – it’s true.

It’s been almost 8 weeks and so much has happened, including a trip to New Zealand with two of my beautiful five for a very important family gathering. Impeccable timing. Sadly writing has ground to a halt and my book put aside.

So how does one gain momentum after such a slump. I came home filled with purpose and anticipation ready to swing into action. Pursuit of a daily writing routine foremost in my mind faded and gave way to family. Busy days spent with children and their offspring, extended family, The Long Table and did I mention dog sitting.

This is just what everyday life looks like when ‘the excitement fades’. If I am ever to arrive at completion what must happen now is plain hard work.

After the wonderful experience The Art of Writing produced I wrote up a storm. Admittedly I was alone in Italy and it was easy to write without the distractions of the daily grind.

I thought I would automatically slip into a new rhythm. My excitement and enthusiasm was palpable. Alas, as much as I love this writing, it’s going to take a lot of organisation and determination to get this baby back in the air and land it safely on the shore of ‘Completion’.

So my friend, even against the odds, fan your dream, into flame. It’s a gift to you and others.

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  1. Debra Lee Casadio says:

    Remember it all comes back to ‘seasons’ my lovely… and you are very much still in a busy one🌹. But this too, will soon pass… Remember that… and have your Writers Bag /Spot whatever you need ready, so when the moment arrives, you’re ready … When fostering, on my own sometimes I’d go to the Patchwork shop and just wander, breathe in the colours and stroke the fabrics… knowing it wasn’t the season now but it would come… and now it’s here❤️❤️❤️ Many blessings darling… You’re still amazing, and Papa is gifting you ‘moments’ of extreme delight and privilege amongst the hard stuff…. Make sure you read your journal of your time there sometimes to ‘remember’… And pray for His direction if anything needs to change to help with where you’re wanting to go. Love you darling. Big chat soon, I hope❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Deb! Good thoughts to ponder. I’m sure that the rhythm will come soon. 😘 love

  2. Carolyn Holt says:

    Oh Bear!
    You’ll get there Steph. Just remember how to eat an elephant…and please put me on the invite list for your book launch. ❤️❤️

    1. 😂yep I remember ‘one bite at a time’ and should I ever reach ‘launch pad’ you’ll be on list dear friend!

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