What Now




I’m needing these three things.

In the in-between – again.

I have to remind myself that this is the life we’ve chosen and while the gypsy life can be hard at times, it’s adventurous, it’s unnerving but at the same time, it’s wonderful.

We’ve flown over sea, driven over mountains, made wonderful new friends and bonded deeply with family, that for such a long time, have been separated by distance. We’ve had so much fun seeking out the next place to visit albeit on travelers’ shoestring. We’ve found cute little cafes in the middle of no-where.

Bathed in hot pools and swam in ice-cold rivers. Surfed oceans where waters rush in over big grey cobblestones, quickly lifting feet so they don’t hurt in the rush. We’ve listened to the beautiful sound of the Tooey as it sings its song each morning and camped with visiting family and friends on a cliff high above the sea, watching the gentle ripple of misty blue waves rolling in while a warm fire burned beside us.

What’s not to love about all that?

But now?

We’ve chosen to always put our days in the hands of our creator and so we wait knowing he has the next step carefully mapped out. We don’t know exactly how it will play out but we’ve taken the first step…I said yes to a job in the city when ideally, we really wanted to be in the country but it was meant to be … and I remember ‘just take the first step’

Then the second… tickets booked and the men’s will soon return.

The rest will unfold.

One foot in front of the other.

This is our life right now – a dear friend called it “Zany” and well, I think she may be right!

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  1. shazjones says:

    Zany suits you!

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