What a beautiful day!


Sometimes the way the morning light shines on the garden makes me want to dance with joy! It beckons me out from the warmth of indoors and lures me into it’s crisp icy light. 

Before long the local cows come by to say “hi” and I find I’m ready to head back inside and face all the endless chores left after getting kids off to school!

Some days I ignore the chores and find that I’m driven to create something, anything, so I either find myself in the garden, or playing my piano or guitar or pondering what I can make with these hands of mine!

Lately, I’ve been teaching myself to crochet little flowers but I’m not sure why! I have this overlocker upstairs that I’m yet to master the art of using. I do wish I would hurry, there’s so many things I could be making or simply just fixing! 

But for now the most creative thing I find myself doing is writing – be it word or song – and when I do, I find my cup is more full. 

Made in my Father’s image – the great creator! He satisfies me and when I do all this with Him in mind I’m learning to glory in Him and not in my own self importance! It’s a road I’m keen to follow although sometimes I get a little lost in me! 

Give Him The Glory 

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  1. Beautiful picture! Love this

    1. Hey Kate, have you blogged lately! I’m looking for your new blog!

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