Well Laid Plans


Lets go back to yesterday.

I raced home from work in the dark excited that i’d be soon be heading off to meet with some inspiring creatives. I raced in, checked out my youngest’s lasted skating injury that happened that morning on the way to school. A quick shower, a sneak sip of hubby’s wine as I threw dinner together and headed out to my second INSPIRE COLLECTIVE thinking you did well Mrs K.

Inspire Collective If you don’t know about it check it out!

Coming home completely inspired once again I found it hard to sleep. A thousand words of enouragement running around my head, thoughts, ideas, pictures. You name it it was all going on. Through intermittent sleep I penned imaginary words to the wonderful girls who had made the night such a success. I decided I’d do just that when morning light came. I’d find these girls and send them those words!

“What’s happening to me?”

I’ve always been a hang back kind off girl when it comes to tracking people with influence down but everything in me wanted to tell them what I’m feeling and that what they are doing, what they are saying, what they are singing is all so good!! Imaginary “high fives” all around!

So my day was planned before I even got out of bed. I wait for hubby to come kiss me goodbye in the dark, get up, get the kids to school and then MY PLAN would go into action…..


Ha!! That’s where that little saying comes to light!

The best laid plans…..

Firstly, I had trouble getting number 5 moving. Unbeknown to me, he had an unfinished assignment due along with this week’s unfinished homework and his injuries weren’t helping his disposition.

Mother Fail 1 right here!

Why didn’t i help him earlier in the week?

The HUGE graze on his thigh was going to be a problem and if it wasn’t dressed properly then he may as well go back to bed but that wasn’t going to happen. I had plans. (Excuse the butt Pic below -it’s an old one, the new one is in the same place but WORSE!!)

So off to the Pharmacy I go feeling a little annoyed that my plans are getting thwarted, thinking why not just do the weekend shop while I’m there so they’ll at least eat while I head off for a girls weekend.

Mother Fail 2 – I should be home packing for the house move in a week! So I leave number 5 eating his breakfast saying “finish your homework and hopefully your assignment too and when I get back I’ll drop you to school.

Home soon and I find that the assignment is no where near finished…it’s just not going to happen today so we trundle off to school with a weak attempt at finishing homework. I sign him in at the office on the new ‘fan dangled’ iPad thing as he drops words i did NOT want to hear….

“Mum I need that Hydrogen Peroxide TODAY, remember I told you last week!” Hmmmm sigh….

Mother Fail 3 – I leave him promising to return soon with the Peroxide, not realising that the house key I’d given him yesterday was locked inside the house and NOT on my key ring. I arrive at my front door with no key, no phone, no money – oh and did I say that I was still wearing my PJ’s? It was at this stage I found myself saying out loud ….


Letting out another sigh, this time a lot heavier!

Once upon a time I would have got myself in a right pickle, annoyed that my day off was being taken over by another disaster…albeit small, but today I found myself at peace as I walked back to the car and…

“HEADED FOR THE HILLS” – literally, Gooseberry Hills where the ‘loved one’ was working and where I could find a key and get to the Pharmacy for the blessed Hydrogen Peroxide and all before lunchtime!!!

Loved one kindly says – “take the day off, don’t worry about the packing today” That’s why I love him so, he’s so lovely.

I leave him, return home and grab my purse, a little daunted by the mess, I drop off the “HP” to number 5 and return to my kitchen disaster, unpack the shopping, glance at the unmade beds, throw dinner in the Hot Pot all by 12.37 wanting to high five myself now and i’m ready to get back to my BEST LAID PLAN….

I PLAY MY GUITAR, whilst eating the Danish I brought for breakfast and inspired by Kat Wilson I get my picking almost up to speed on an old song I wrote and then I decide I’ll somehow SEND WARM FUZZIES TO THOSE COLLECTIVE GIRLS and find myself writing them here on my blog


Cate Williams

Cate Williams Like you said – You could throw your notes away, the words written on your heart flow out and radiate inspiration, strength and power and your song words are a delight….I was hearing Dixie Chick overtones when your soul voice rang out loud with your heart cry. Your a beautiful, brave dreamer finding your reality!

Amanda Viviers

Amanda Viviers I’ve never met you but I’ve watched you from afar. I remember the “EVENTS YOU”, full of energy, a powerhouse, never still and see how you have grown into an inspiring (I’m using that word a lot) woman of Grace. I see your Prophetic heart igniting dreams. I think you’re creating little spot fires everywhere!! Your gift for events live on in those Green Tea Cups that you gave away – HUGE HEART right there! I know how much these tea cups must mean to you – I have my own Vintage Collection that spans years! I’m not sure I could do that!

That’s just two of the lovelies but there are many more

And to Kat Wilson

Kat Wilson Sound Cloud Who shared and sang last night at the Inspire Collective – you’ve inspired me to pick up my guitar and dust off all those songs I keep skipping over because the Piano so much easier for me. I’ve been picking away at those strings this arvo and loving it! You’re quirky Valley Story made me giggle, with you’re little ‘snap chat’, the picture of you in your tent, coffee in hand – girl you are funny! You should speak some more!

AND so that is it….My BEST LAID PLAN has ALMOST been accomplished, even if it was on a rather winding road!

Dinner is done so I might even pack some boxes!

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  1. Nerida C says:

    Yes you go girl nothing is going to hold you back. Not even no 5 or HP.
    Your words are wonderfully articulate and love doing some of the journey with you. I couldn’t sleep last night either( 3 hours in total)😢

    1. What a day!! Love doing life with you, I might add you inspire me just as much as all the others!

  2. Kat Wilson says:

    This is so good and funny! Thanks for the hilarious honesty 🙂

  3. What a beautiful blog. How funny are Gods best laid plans hey. My year sounds a little like your day as well. My little girl slipped over in the shower and cracked her head open the morning of the collective and we lost the TV remote. Which doesn’t sound that crazy, but a mumma of two toddlers can’t get dressed without a little of abc for kids to help her out. Much much love Xxoo

    1. Oh dear!! That’s crazy! You did amazingly. Sometimes the pressure gets insane. I remember a dear wiser and older ministry friend said to me some years back “Honey sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to make your life easier for yourself” and if that means letting ABC babysit for a bit or putting washing in the dryer on a sunny day I’m ok with that!!
      Bless xx

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