The Winding Road

Below is a post I wrote back in 2014.  I’m sharing again because sometimes looking back can be profound. What a journey we’ve had since that day.

Busselton to Perth – Hospitals – Life-Threatening Verdicts – Operations – Hope Rising – Perth to New Zealand – New Horizons – New Culture – New Friends – New Zealand. New Zealand to Perth. Adventure all the way. Not always easy but well worth the ride.

No idea of the future but just enjoying the ride.

So if your feeling like it’s time for a change – go for it. Take the adventure, you won’t regret it. Change is so wonderful. Yes, you’ll be stretched but you’ll also grow, perhaps exponentially, and remember wherever you go, you’ll always be a blessing when you carry our creator with you.



Life can take some twists and turns. Looking back there have been a few twists that I never saw coming. Like last year when our life changed for what appears to be forever. Events can alter your seemingly unchangeable existence. Just when you get comfortable and accept the status quo…bang…the one in charge of it all suddenly decides to hand you a new map and you have to make the decision of whether to take a risk and follow into the unknown, or resist the offer and try to stay safe with what you know.

Choosing to stay safe could risk stagnation. I don’t think for a minute this map is ‘a new map’ I believe the pages were written from the beginning, we just never knew that this would be where it would take us.

Sign Arrow asphalt-clouds-country-977603

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

“Suddenly” can sneak up at any moment, overruling our quiet predictable lives.

Although headed for the same destination, the route is about to make a change. I have a feeling we’re in for the ride of our life and I’m excited!

I’ve said yes to the challenge so until we get to the bend in the road, I’m holding on to what I know and keeping my eyes on the Son ….just like in this picture, He is lighting the way. I can’t see around the bend yet, but I know something is waiting there.

In awe at the smallness of mankind and the greatness of the one who loves us!