The Weekend

Weekends are always busy in our world! I often think that I’d like to spend the days leisurely gardening and crafting but it rarely seems to happen.

Saturdays are taken up mostly with running the little treasures to sports events and by the time that’s over there is little time left but to clean up after the aftermath of a busy morning. Sundays are much the same. We head out early to our church (in the Pub – go figure)  and then often spend the afternoons catching up with ‘the flock’.

This weekend, however was a little different.  We left our little country town and everything that makes our weekends frantic and headed for the big smoke and  A WEDDING IN THE CITY!

Off we went on our little weekend adventure! We thoroughly enjoyed a change of pace and loved the chance to catch up with family and friends.

Everytime I go to a wedding these days I’m blown away by the simple creativity I see! When we got married, many moons ago, I think we had no idea how to do a wedding in style.  Looking back I think it may even have been ‘boring’

Even my mere male gets inspired wants to get married all over again! Personally, I think I have too many wrinkles and would rather not in the light of all the photo’s that would be taken taken!


I love that the photographer had props for their photos!

This shot is particualarly cute!

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