The Next Step

Sometimes it’s hard to see what lays ahead and all one can do is take the next step.

For me, this is an uncomfortable space. I want to know it all. I want to have it all mapped out and yet as much as I endeavour to do this, I know that certain things about our future can’t be framed, not right now. Once again our life sits gently in the hands of the creator as we wait for it all to unfold.

Sure, we have some ideas of what it may look like, even plans, but in choosing to live a gypsy kind of lifestyle, the unexpected is inevitable.

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When I started to write this post, it would still be a few days until I set out for the airport and another adventure.

Perth, and suddenly I’m back, sweltering in the West Australian summer heat again.

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I’m happy to be in back my homeland. The smell of the gum trees after a summer rain but I’ve left part of my heart in New Zealand, my men, more family, difficult. I’ve laid down roots in the land of the long white cloud and so the parting, tho joyful, was mixed with other emotions.

I’m home now, feeling somewhat displaced. Knowing all my goods are lying idle in a shed not far from where I sleep. Am I staying, am I going?

The unknown.

BUT oh how wonderful to be with family, my children, grandchildren, my mama, my brother, nephews and nieces too. Christmas time. Birthdays too and soon to see my travelling sister.

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Tis the season to be jolly and jolly I will be. I’m heading South soon to be with all my own for the festive merriment. Happy Days. Crazy Days.

No matter what your season is right now, I’m hoping you can embrace it and have the most joyous of times too.

Thanking Jesus for all he has done and is yet to do but for now I’m just taking the next step.


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  2. Georgi says:

    Oh Steph,selfishly I am glad you are back in WA. Bek is moving there in Jan and yesterday, when listing the good things about it connecting with you and Noel was mentioned. I get the ‘one day at a time’ bit though. Didn’t we sing a chorus titled just that in the ‘good-ol-days’? Georgi

    1. Is Bek moving here for work again? It’s good to be home and having time with the kids. I’m torn between two countries tho. Family in both and Joseph has to finish high school so it may be best to do that over in NZ with his cousin – Undecided as yet.

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