Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream


Close your eyes and imagine

I’ve heard and read that without a dream or ‘a vision’ we’ll perish, some even say that without a ‘vision’ or a dream that’s growing and evolving, a ‘progressive vision’ we just wander aimlessly.’ We could end up anywhere and never achieve anything.


When I was young I sang a song with a few little friends about wasted years……”wasted years oh how foolish as you wander in darkness and strife’……we sang with purpose and conviction hoping to reach someones heart and help them turn from an empty life but now, looking back I wonder if I may have been singing to myself! Did I ‘seize the day’? Did I waste the time given me? Have I accomplished enough? Will arrive at my final day feeling satisfied or will I look old and rickety?


There’s so much I’d still like to do that would make the sum of me look a whole lot better but I guess it depends on how one measures success and what one considers as valuable…as treasure.

“they say that where your treasure is there will your heart be also….your heart is where you hide your deepest love”

The more I get to know my maker, the more I see that His ways are so different to our ways.  The way up is down and the way to life is to die. Go figure! This just doesn’t make sense in a world where we’re always encouraged to climb to the top….

But I’ve come to realise that he’s not interested in what we can do or how we look on paper….He’s more into shaping the heart of a man and nothing shapes it like trouble!

So do we just wander aimlessly waiting for the next open door hoping that things will just work out or do we plan, build and allow him to adjust our vision along the way?

The word “vision” in Hebrew (in this instance) means “a mental sight”, to mentally see a vision, revelation or a dream. I think we’re meant to look ahead with hope and purpose.

holiday12 043I remember the early days of planning for our new offices. The dreaming, the vision, searching for the right place, the excitement, the risks, the steps of faith, the set backs. Recovering from that awful accident while others readied for the move and then finally the realisation that this dream, this vision, wasn’t the one that God saw for us.  Was the road that he’d planned for us really THIS ?

IMG_0045 DSCN1219

I ponder that for a minute…..

The shaping of the man and the shaping of the heart. It wasn’t the destination that was important but rather, all that he’d taught us on the journey and the big question was “were we ready to let everything go and let it all be turned upside down?”

I think about aspirations, hopes and dreams. What’s driving me? What about ambition?

How much should we let ourselves be fuelled by these things and where does trusting God fit into all this dreaming and planning? I can’t answer that for you but I do know that if he is at the helm then you’ll arrive at the right destination in due course.

I will guide you along the best pathway for your life, I will guide you and watch over you”  Psalm 32:8

So all my pipe dreams I lay again at his feet…..

singing my story, the little vintage cafe, ministry in a growing church or just the little white house with that Jacaranda tree!  Whatever they be and in all the days spent dreaming, I surrender them to His dream which is far bigger than mine.


because His design is Perfect

If He says that he’ll guide us, then we’ve got to believe that he’s doing just that and nothing that happens isn’t without purpose or design….. think about it. If He is the fuel that fires us then all the other stuff will fall into place and we’ll live the life we’re meant to live.

remember “seek first His kingdom”

WHEN AMBITION becomes the fuel things get messy. Let ambition take its rightful place down the ladder. If we have to PUSH ourselves forward, walk on other people to get where we want then I think we’re missing the point.  The point is…that HE can and will guide us along the BEST pathway for our lives and it may may not be exactly what we see. This is where the testing comes into view…the letting go, the laying down….yet often so we can pick it up again.


This is a dream placed in God’s hands…

It doesn’t mean we can’t have a vision, a dream or have aspirations. Nor does it mean that they won’t happen, it just means that all our dreams, all our aspirations go first to the chief designer.

Just look at Joseph (The Dreamer). He had some grand dreams, some wild aspirations and a colourful coat that eventually got him into a whole lot of trouble. But eventually, that trouble was saving grace for his family. God meant it for good! Joseph was about the destination but didn’t know what was on the road ahead. Many of us want the dream but  don’t want a road  that’s thwart with uncertainty, even heart ache.

But if Joseph had risen to the place he saw in his dream without the journey that led him there, he wouldn’t have even been half the man he turned out to be.  No doubt God put that dream deep inside his heart the character formed in him was worth more than Gold. I bet he was blown away to see God’s plan unfold and stood in awe of God’s handiwork.

Let’s not be driven by our dreams

Let the designer drive them for us

Dare to follow your dreams, but dare more to let the dream giver drive you there!

When the road stretches almost as far as heaven

When I was young, I always dreamt of owning a Combie and for a short time I did! It wasn’t the one you see below……


Mine was the good old split screen.. in Canary Yellow.

 Those of you that know ‘Combies’ will know just how cool that is! I paid a whole $600 for it. A steal at that price! It was so old and needed so much work but it was mine and I loved it….well I loved it long enough to realise it was a dream that wasn’t so important and I could let go of it, so I did.



Big ones, little ones.  Some realised, some awaiting fruition and some we’ve had to leave behind for one reason or another.

Happy to leave my ‘Combie Dream’ by the wayside, I QUICKLY moved on to a more reliable means of transport as this was going to take a labour of love to keep alive.  I decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

The Combie in the photo below was much newer than mine and belonged to my daughter’s friend. Here they are setting off to follow their dreams. An adventure that took them across the other side of the country.  

Young ones full of hopes and dreams, fun and laughter seeking a future of their own.


I love that about Youth

When we’re young the world is our oyster and anything seems possible. So much to do, so much to see. It’s all just one brilliant adventure!

In no time at all, daughter number one had made a new life in the east, met the man of her dreams, returned later to the West to marry ‘said’ man under  Mulberry tree found deep in the South. Then together, travelled back east to buy their first little home of their own,  2000 miles away from where their lives began.



A lovely little real life fairy tale!

I look at them and wonder at their story, almost a mirror image of my young adventures. When I was young I did the very same thing. Leaving what I knew and venturing alone into the world, searching for my own dream.

Living in the east I was about to follow one of my dreams to ‘sing for Jesus’.  Ready to set off with a group called the Continentals, when suddenly I was interrupted by ‘the man of my dreams’.  Another dream shelved in order to take up the ‘get married, settle down build a house dream’. Very exciting for a young 22 year old.

Here we are almost 30 years later and still in love


I married ‘the man’ and before I knew it, son number one arrived.

Although I left behind the ‘singing dream’ I’ve been blessed to sing my way through life. Nothing fills my heart more than this but these days most of the time it’s just me sitting by piano bearing my heart in song to a loving Father God, ….worship keeps me close. I never want to be too far from him.



Italy cottage

But the cottage dream never came and the next 25 years is history. A life in ministry.  Cottage dream took it’s rightful place down the ladder of importance as following ‘the call’ rose to first place.


Along came Son one, daughter one, two, three and finally son two, five in all. Little happy faces to fill my cottage dream.  Life rolling on, ministry highs and lows, family adventures, weddings, funerals, holidays and then ‘the dreaded accident’. An unexpected curve in the road.

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