Spring Will Come

At the dawn of spring I walked down the wooden stairs from our deck past the pool in need of some love and breathed in the smell of the morning air.  I love spring.  The warm days and cold nights seem to make me come alive again and my heart brims with hope and expectancy so when I looked at my fig tree and saw a little plump bud in the form of a fig bursting out of those leafy branches, I was so excited.  Fig season will soon be upon us and our Long Table will be laden with fine fruit once again. Looking out into the paddock, my heart did a little jump.  I felt filled with hopeIMG_2042

The past weeks had been somewhat challenging for us – still – and I wondered to myself yet again, “will this struggle season never end?” and even though we’d been pushing through the circumstances that surrounded us and breaking new ground, believing God for the breakthrough in both of our businesses it just seemed like an ongoing up hill battle, so this little fig meant so much more to me than just a table full of seasonal fruit.

I felt God’s breath breathing life into my weary soul whispering again “hold on a little longer, hold on a little stronger….soon all will be revealed”.

The bible says we need to persevere, so that after we’ve done God’s will,  we’ll receive what He’s promised.  It says “In just a very while little, He who is coming will come and will not delay.”  I guess thats why we’re called to live by faith and not by what we can see all around us – heaven knows that can be daunting.  Right there in that place we’re encouraged not to shrink back….oh how many times I’ve wanted to just shrink back in this season when I’ve seen hopes dashed and experienced the very opposite of what I’ve been encouraged to believe for.


Over and over, i’ve picked myself up and wiped my tear stained face saying, “God I trust you.  I don’t understand, but I trust you.”  It’s right there in that place that God’s breath fills me with grace (yep, that undeserved favour) and I can keep going.

When the Fig tree doesn’t blossom

I can keep going even though today when I look at my fig tree and I can’t see one single fig, nope not one.  I can keep going when I hear the deciever try to trick me into thinking we’re not going to flourish and I smile to myself when I remember that verse in Habakuk
(funny name that one) the verse that says “tho the fig tree does not blossom and there be no fruit on the vine…..yet will I rejoice”.


You see for me, for us, there is no “Plan B”

He means more to me than this life and although sometimes I do get frustrated and behave badly, this daddy God has got my back, our backs, and it’s gonna be ok.

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  1. I loved your fig metaphor. It really is a picture of hope, abundance, spring, and lots of other things all wrapped up together. I pray your season will change and bloom and prosper.

    There is no Plan B! Wow! What faith you guys have. Rest in that and see what He will do. xxx

    1. Yes – still no figs yet all is well!
      Time will tell.

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