Last week was huge. I found myself arriving at the weekend tired and feeling a little unwell. I spent most of Saturday doing catch up, all the while trying to quiet the little voice inside my head that kept calling to me, telling me “you need to take yourself on an Artist’s Date..” A little like the beacon light on a lighthouse, it just kept popping up and could not be ignored!

Julie Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way first introduced me to the idea of an Artist’s Date along with a few other wonderful ideas I still maintain today. When I keep these simple rhythms I find my days go a whole lot better. The Artist’s Date is a ‘not negotiable’ for me and definitely feeds my creative heart – in fact, I would say for anyone. It’s such a simple way to revive.

The Lighthouse North Mole


It was the weekend, busy but quiet because the man was at work and the boy, asleep, but as the day wore on, the little voice grew louder. Something in me longed for water and not the drinking kind. I was yearning for the sea, to breathe in the salty air, drink in the azure colours of a vast ocean.

My heart had been longing for the sea for days, to slow down, to take the time to breathe in a little deeper. Eventually, when I couldn’t quiet the ‘beacon’ any longer, I responded, quickly grabbing my bathers, towel and a book – I was off!

How that one decision to find a river, an ocean, made such a difference to my weekend. It set into motion a chain of events that left me refreshed and ready for the coming week.

I can’t recommend enough the benefits of taking a little creative date with just yourself or the benefits of being immersed in nature, whether it be sea n sand or tree n sand.

TAKE YOURSELF ON ARTIST’S DATE Julia Cameron says, ‘it is a block of time, perhaps 2 hours weekly, especially set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness….”.

Essentially it’s just an outing or a ‘play date with yourself’ – One you defend at all odds.

Do give it a go and take note of how you feel afterwards ❤️

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