Re-Fashion Challenge

After another wonderful hit of Margaret River Roasting coffee, I headed off to my local Charity Shop located only a few minutes up the road. I have tried a number of times to visit this one as it’s so close to home, but it was never open, so when I found a lovely lady at the door to greet me, I was super stoked!

In under an hour I scrummaged though all they had to offer and found some real treasures. Not just clothing!




There were a lot of options but in the end I chose the little mustard, patterned frock. I do like the word “FROCK’ it doesn’t get used that much any more but it is a lovely descriptive word…. “frock”

The arms of this dress are way too long for me, they are triangular, the kind that drop in the sink when you’re doing the dishes , so they will have to go!

Other than that, I think it may not need any other adjusting. I’ll keep you informed on my progress.

The Colorado Bag was a real score, it’s in great condition but I’ll polish it up with some lavender wax which in turn, will nourish the leather and those leather boots are so so good! Nothing to do except enjoy them.

So my friends, I hope you will join in the fun and journey with me to be more mindful about sustainable living and remember if you haven’t signed up for the challenge you can fill in the contact form below and I’ll keep you posted.

Most importantly I’d love you to post your finds on Write_Make_Create

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