October and the little steps

If you had told me five years ago that I’d be doing what I’m doing today, I wouldn’t have believed you.

(photo credit Peta Stenhouse)

Some moons ago, when we left our safe home, I was thrust into a whole new world. I quickly found myself needing to be the bread winner as my man fought for his life. I slipped into the  9-5 but still dreamed of doing something a little more creative than selling drugs over the pharmacy counter. It just wasn’t cutting it but I had no choice but to soldier on.

Until one day, when a door unexpectedly opened and I became a part owner of a business called The Long Table Perth

I can’t believe how quickly our business grew and at the same time, I did too. I was stretched and when I thought I’d been stretched enough, I was stretched even more. We became a great team, my partner and I. We both stand amazed at the favour we have been given.

I’m not saying it was an easy ride. Anyone working in the food industry will know that “easy it is not!” After the honey moon days I began to wonder why on earth I was doing this? This wan’t quite what I had in mind…but then again, nothing in this life had been, so why was I surprised? I questioned…why am I doing this, what’s the point? I’m tired, stressed and this was not on my radar?

photo credit Peta Stenhouse

I felt a still small voice say “You don’t need to know why, just go with it.”

Have you ever been in  a position like that?

It’s a little unerving. You feel unsure as you take faith steps, one by one.

It was like this for me. Then, almost suddenly, I could see a purpose in all this Long Table goodness.

I sensed a repositioning for purpose and at the same time knew the Master Builder was growing my capacity. Somedays I felt totally inadequate, out of my league but over time my confidence gained strength. I began to believe in me (thanks also to my business partner (pictured below), you have been an integral part of that)

photo credit Laura Hurley

So we come to October. Spring season for events and its been crazy. Crazy good, but crazy busy. I’ve been running back to back events, managing staff, handling admin and prepping food and while my business buddy is taking a well deserved rest I’ve run from pillar to post running this business of ours. It’s not ideal but what I have learned is that I’m strong, I’m capable and I’ve got what lit takes to do this.

October has been a blessing and I’m grateful for the opportunity to see what the Master Builder has been up to and as I prepare to leave my loved Long Table in capable hands, I know I have been well equipped for my next season in Aetoeroa.

Take courage, take those faith steps. You never know where they may lead you.

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