Lessons from my Fig Tree

IMG_2042I’ve spent the past weeks running out early every morning trying to beat the birds to my fig tree and most times I have.  I’m blessed to have figs, figs in plenty after what looked like an ominous early sign of NO FIGS – WHAT NO FIGS!!

I was a wee bit worried. You see for me, I look for God everywhere, yes everywhere. Was God trying to say something and if He was, then what?

He speaks to me in the little everyday things I do. I’m always listening, leaning in to Him because I need Him more and more. My once strong self has finally come to know that with out him I’m pretty lost. All human strength aside. He makes me whole, He completes me like no other (sorry my love – you do too but it’s just a different kind of completeness.)IMG_0120_2

But it’s God, it’s He who completes me in a most satisfying way.

I hear his still small voice – I’m at peace.

I can walk through the valley and find my way in the storm. I’m at rest.


So I carefully watched that fig tree to see what would happen. That first little fig just dissapeared, vanished without a trace along with all the other little buds. I was taken aback. You can read about it here.

When weeks later I noticed a new batch of buds forming I was more than happy.  I could already see them on our Long Table. IMG_8265I thought of our journey over the past few years.  The ups, the downs and remembered the moments of pure joy that came when I saw the light of a little fruitfulness coming our way only to be suddenly plunged back into despair and those familiar feelings of hopelessness.  It was then I heard a little whisper and felt Him say “I’m still working on your behalf even when you can’t see me – just as you tend the fig tree you can tend the opportunities that are coming your way.  You can enjoy an abundance of more than just these figs.”

Music to my listening ears. But what did it mean?

I’d been talking with my sister about our arduous journey and mentioned my daily lessons with the fig tree. A few days later while off off talking to “G” as she called him, He led her to a passage from the bible….

Proverbs 27:18 Whoever tends the fig tree will eat its fruit, and he who is attentive to his master will be honored.

I liked that.  I liked it even more when days later a few interesting opprotunities came our way.  I’m tending to them now, honouring Big G and trusting He’s in this and that he’ll give me the strength and wisdon I need in the process.  He’ll give me the capacity to increase my ability to ‘tend’.

I’m expectant and ready for the fruit that comes from these opportunities.

Thank you little fig tree for your lessons and thank you Big God who sees.

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  1. janne.cullen says:

    I remember searching that tree for figs or buds and only finding that 1 fig! God is good! Apparently some fig trees have more than one harvest…. Love to you all💕💕💕💕💐💐💐👑👑👑

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    1. I think that was around the time I was looking when you were visiting – that one fig took form but vanished soon after!! I now have at least 30 jars of fig jam in my pantry!!

  2. What a gorgeous post! I love your Monday reflections. My mouth is watering at the thought of figs too! xx

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