What a journey
All year I kept thinking this season will soon end and things will get better – we can begin planning for a new season and these days at my piano, singing all these ‘wilderness songs’ will soon end.

I’m still singing, still storing up treasure, still finding solace in times alone with God….and the months, tho hard, have seen me find streams in this desert, digging wells in this valley.

Still despair days, sometimes hope deferred kind of despair.
Nothing we can do can change our circumstance. Heartfelt prayers for a healthy husband, a longing for a more comfortable life and yearning for time and space… but deep down I know this season is a divine season, one that can’t be fast tracked.

But that word…
HOPE continues to ring in our ears, it’s sound drowning out despair.

Hold fast to hope. Don’t throw your confidence away, HOPE.
Something is about to give…..I say NO to hopelessness!

In just a little time I could feel hope rising right in the midst of all this hopelessness. A sense that very soon the tide would turn and something would give – I thought the end was in sight.

It wasn’t the end but it was HOPE.
HOPE is a wonderful thing.
It was only to be an exhilarating pause on a long and tiresome journey.
Just as I sensed, a break thru came. Like a little burst of sunshine.

A breath from God to blow away some of this struggle. Enough to fuel us for the next leg of the journey.
Joy in the Valley
Springs in the desert.

This simple expectation that very soon tides would turn had us laughing again in the face of this giant. What a pleasant change from tears….pool tears.

FAITH emerged from the ashes, the substance of HOPE unfolded and the EVIDENCE of things unseen appeared before our eyes…God’s LOVE for us, so grateful.

New strength to keep laughing in the face of these giants as they try to grow at an ever increasing rate. But God will have the last say on this matter, AND SO WE REST.

Our weakness wrapped up in His strength.

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  1. “in accordance with the working of the strength of His might…” Steph, I’ve seen your knowledge & wisdom coming from a deep well of the things of God – His Word tells us “He instructs us even as we sleep” and you told me years ago (in a dream) about ‘inheritance rising’, and there it is … Hope! Thank you my dear sister in Christ – you are so precious, much more than you probably realise. xo

    1. Took me a we bit to find who rivers of life was….and it’s you my dear dear friend xxx love ya lots!!

  2. shazjones says:

    You are such an inspiration!

    1. Shaz! I replied to myself!! Doh! See above, not so Tech Savey !!!!!

  3. Ah Shaz, you know the drill – there is no plan B. It’s got more complicated! Talk about major testing of the heart 🙂

    1. shazjones says:

      I know the drill – and it hurts! Lol that’s why inspiration from you is so precious…

  4. Jennifer Crewe says:

    Beautiful what more is there to say. God is there and He knows.

    1. True Jennifer!

  5. Hope takes courage, Your brave thoughts will carry you and your family to those new seasons. Much love Steph.

    1. Thanks Marg, we all have a journey and a story to tell. God’s grace is sufficient 🙂

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