Hello Fellow Creator

It’s been some time since I posted. Apologies!

Sometimes I just get caught up creating and run out of ‘write-time’ because I simply used up all my spare time creating other stuff like in the pics below. I do love it so!

It’s then, that I get a little cross with myself.

Why can I not be more balanced like so many of my fellow creators? They seem to be able to pace themselves, following a well mapped out plan that appears to meander along like a gentle stream. From the outside, it looks like their lives epitomise routine and balance, while mine looks more a like rollercoaster roaring along on a zig-zagging track.

Oh I do want to be more like that meandering stream.

I wonder to myself if anyone else gets caught on this roller coaster and needs someone to help them pull the brake?

I’ve learnt that sometimes, it’s just a matter of taking yourself out of your regular routine to find a gentle space to think and ponder. It can be as simple as that. Like the other day when I took myself off to a beautiful little cafe’ to work.

I’m learning more about myself lately.

Learning how to bridle my energy and focus a little better. It really is a challenge.

I must keep faith, try a little harder if I am to succeed in reaching the goals I’ve set for myself.

I remember when I first started business coaching – the suggested reading was a book called ‘The One Thing” by Gary Keller.

Well, I thought to myself ‘nope I haven’t got time to read that – I’m too busy doing the stuff’, so in my self acclaimed wisdom, I surged ahead in way too many directions and now I’m trying to reign it all in, along with myself!

Needless to say, I’ve now brought the book and in my spare time (LOL) I’m reading and fast realising that my choice back then has the dire consequence of wasted time.


Thankfully, I’ve learned to be kinder to myself along the way. I haven’t given up on me. I can already see the benefit of this ‘one thing’.

Even if you can just plan and do one thing each day!


So, don’t give up my friend. You’ve got this – whatever ‘this’ may be for you.

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