Goodbye Winter Hello Spring



LillysYesterday I looked out of the window and saw the sunlight shining on the water and before I knew it I’d reached for the camera only to find the camera battery flat so the next best thing was to grab my phone.  Off I ran into the padock to try to capture the beauty laid out before me!

By the time I’d undone the gates and run down the track the light was almost gone and a huge front was heading in from the South…the effect even more beautiful! My phone camera just doesn’t capture how amazing it was.  I was just carried away with it’s beauty and ran deeper into the woods! (well not really that deep but I was swept away a little) I could see the Black Swans (native to Australia) out on the pond with their little cygnets. I imagine the foxes or eagles have already trimed the flock down already but this clever mum and dad have built a nest smack in the middle of the pond in the hope of protecting their young!

The Swan Family

Like I said…I was swept away on this last winter eve and found myself clambouring through the long grass to sneak a closer look at the swans…I looked down and realised I had my white ugg boots on!! OOPS luckily I just missed treading in the cow pat but my boots were a little worse for wear! Nevermind, it was well worth it!

On the way I saw these lovely jonquils and the fragrance was just good as they looked.

What a way to say goodbye to winter. When I got back to the house I felt absolutely invigorated and I could almost sense change in the air!

And so today SPRING IS HERE! New beginnings, new life and new dreams.

I found this neat shot on my little girls camera today and thought it was quite appropriate for how I am feeling today!

It makes me think that my future is safe in God’s hands. I’ve finally realised that my dreams and my passions and the creative me can find purpose in Him and the context of who He has called me to be.  A preachers wife…yep that’s me and that’s a whole ‘nother’ story!

So goodbye Winter and hello Spring – I’m looking forward to see what you bring!



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  1. It is great that we have always something to look forward to. God is good even when we find it hard to believe. Patrick sends his love and was asking after you and N today. Told I didn’t have any real news. Most of what I get is third or fourth hand. XXX

  2. Angie says:

    There is no place more secure than in the hands of God . Loved the pics , you really are in a little piece of heaven down there , you are blessed. Enjoying your blog .

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