Italy and the Angel

I don’t really know where my love for Italy began, but as I walked these beautiful ancient streets, I was enthralled by beauty and history all rolled into one. Church bells rang out Ave’ Maria and caused my heart to sing, making me want to spin with with excitement. Sheer overwhelming joy of being in … More Italy and the Angel

A Journey’s End

I’ve decided I don’t much like Rome in the summertime. I guess it’s not really summer yet but it’s hot, hot hot. Tourists following those dreaded flags walk en’ mass, blocking little cobbled lanes and I’m glad I’m not one of them. Eventually, I settled for an afternoon spritz, just to catch my breath. It’s … More A Journey’s End

A Holding Bay

Sometimes one comes to a place in ones life where we can feel “held” not hemmed in so to speak, just held. Just when I begin to feel that maybe I can move past my disappointments, even regrets and just get on with life in this holding bay, something comes to shake my status quo … More A Holding Bay

Spring Will Come

At the dawn of spring I walked down the wooden stairs from our deck past the pool in need of some love and breathed in the smell of the morning air.  I love spring.  The warm days and cold nights seem to make me come alive again and my heart brims with hope and expectancy … More Spring Will Come

A Simple Life

I’ve just discovered this FB page called “No Sidebar”.  A friend tagged me on an article  (see here) entitled  “because I don’t want the things the world wants for me” after she finished reading my blog called torn betwixt my dreams and just being  I realise that there’s a whole world of people out there who just want … More A Simple Life