Like a Tree Planted by Rivers of Water


“That brings forth his fruit in his season….


His leaf shall not wither and whatsoever he does shall prosper.” Psalm 1:3Image

Today I sat by the river and watched Noel try to paddle his surfboard….it was his third attempt in almost two years and the first he had been unsuccessful, unable to get his arms to do what they once did without even thinking.

Watching him today I am still thankful that he is able to do so much but sad that he has lost something that was so much a part of him. Although his strength may have wained, I could tell his determination has not so after watching on for a while, realising he would be ok, I lay under this amazing tree and looked up….what a beautiful tree this was….planted so close to the water.


The words of a Psalm dropped into my mind….”and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water”  Noel, he’s like this tree, his roots go deep, he’s strong in spirit and although right now it looks like anything but prospering, he is…in fact he’s growing stronger than ever…..his spirit is like that trunk and I picture him as that tree “that brings forth fruit in HIS season”….there’s another season coming.

To eyes that don’t see it looks like we’re done and dusted but his isn’t the end, it ins’t over yet!Image

“The Righteous shall flourish like a Palm tree….those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish..” Psalm 92:12 

In fact it says “…he will STILL bring forth fruit in his old age….” 

So you see, our story isn’t over because we can see with ‘God’ eyes. He’s at work here doing something far greater on the inside.   In the dismantling and reshaping he’s remaking us.  He’s causing our roots to go deeper than ever before. Somedays I can’t see it. Somedays I fail to look with ‘God’ eyes and my eyes just leak regret, discontent and they question why? But he gently reminds me to not ask “why” just ask “what now” and look again with eyes that see deeper, see wider…. It looks so much better.






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  1. Bev says:

    This is lovely Steph. “What now?” certainly gets us to keep our eyes on the path ahead, rather than trying to reliving something we can’t change by having our eyes looking back at where we have come from.

    1. so true Bev, its so hard not to look back, especially as ones gets older….but we don’t want to become a pillar of salt-so it’s ever onward and upward, no time for regrets!!

  2. Beth Hall says:

    Hi steph and Noel, we miss you guys so much, but it is a new season for us all
    Blessings Beth Hall

    1. love to you Beth and your surrogate Hansen Family!

  3. Wonderful…. Tears streaming down my face…. So blessed and proud of you guys for your heart in seeing Papas hand of encouragement… Such an inspiration and testimony to us all… Xxx

    1. OH thanks Deb, its so very cathartic to write and helps me bring to things into perspective xx

  4. Great analogy Steph. Your faith and courage never cease to amaze. Love to you both. BTW Carolyn now has an ipad, and is a reluctant FaceBook signee looking for “real friends”. Take care
    Marcus & Carolyn

    1. Thanks Marcus! There’s no plan B so best find something good in it all….a learning journey! Be great to get Carolyn moving along in the “I” world so I can touch base more often! Miss our coffees and chats!

  5. PS. I called in to the wedding party after work!! The newlyweds seemed very happy. I guess you’re looking forward to the WA event. My Mum made Toni’s dress 🙂

    1. I remember she said that! Saw a little photo and it looks beautiful.. Just right for Toni! All very excited!

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