In her everyday life she’s passionate about creativity, whatever shape or form, inspiring others to find their creative spark and connect to the creator.

Whether it’s song writing, journalling, blogging or book writing, home making or crafting, shooshing (making spaces look pretty) or growing things – as long as she has some creative mission, she’s happy.

She’s a dreamer, a traveller and being thrifty and frugal has helped her get to places that seem so far out of reach. Like in the photo below she visited a little town in Italy called San Marcello Pistoiese.DSCN0120

From Steph,

These days we seem to be travelling here and there so our life has become quite small in a sense – if your thinking about ‘things’ that is, bricks and mortar. I love making a house into a home and now that we’ve become transient – gypsies I guess, currently adventuring in New Zealand we’re often sharing space with family or housesitting. so wherever we are – be it a home, a room or a caravan, I still try to do a bit of a ‘shoosh’ and put my own stamp on it. When it comes to style I really love vintage but then, I love new styles too.  I really love French Provincial style and I do love an adventure. I guess I’m a bit of a pioneer at heart – perhaps that’s why I love starting new projects. 

Along with all that, I’m passionate about my faith in a living God, about my man and all my kids – five of them and now they’re beginning to produce their own little offspring too – Warm Fuzzy right there!!

I love inspiring and empowering people, helping them to live their best life and at the same time, I want to be the best me I can be♥

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    1. Cate, I didn’t expect my email to resonate as much as it did but then again of course it would, it’s what you’ve been created for, to hear people’s heart – really hear. I almost didn’t hit send but felt it was a God thing. I’m so glad I caught a bit of your bravery and so glad we have connected.
      Bless bless bless you lovely lady!

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