a whirlwind week

I’m a working girl and a mad keen creative. If I don’t get to create something in my week, I’m a little out of kilter. (BTW what does that mean anyway? I just had to go and look it up even tho I kinda knew, but to put it correctly it means, ‘not properly adjusted, not working well, out of order)

As usual my week starts with long days at work – starting early and not often not getting home until close to 7pm. Needless to say by Thursday I’m a tad tired and in need of a welcome day off. Feeling tired doesn’t usually stop me tho – I generally get up early and get straight into creating.

Not so this week, I had to head south to help out with my daughters kids. An impending hospital visit and I was needed. Add in a car that needed to be delivered and in the end, needed not to be delivered so was brought it home again (long story but let’s just say, a little added stress and my journey lengthened) but this is the what you do willingly for your kids – you love them, sometimes you just want to make their lives easier, no matter the cost to you.

So, late afternoon, Thursday, after an emergency dental appointment to rebuild a broken tooth, I headed South arriving that night to a peaceful home – little ones sleeping soundly, resting for the busy day ahead. A sweet cuddle with the new addition and then, early to bed. I too needed rest so I could spend the next day with the little man doing some fun things. We did have fun, and later in the day I cooked up a meal to enjoy with family, a visit with the little cousin and and expectant papa and mama, soon to deliver a new cousin. I hoped this new little bundle would arrive before I had to shoot off home again. But he wasn’t ready yet.

This little patient arrived home safely and we all enjoyed a rather noisome meal together.

Family time – I love it dearly – even if it is rather chaotic and noisy. It’s still sweet.

Family left for their beach dwelling and the others went to bed. I did what I do well, clean and shine so the I could leave in the morning knowing that I’d been a blessing and lightened a load, if only for a day.

Lights dimmed.

Home hushed.

Goodbye little family. I’ll be back before you know it.

Now I’m back home in the city, creating again and even tho this week was and exhausting whirlwind and it’s almost time to start again, I feel satisfied, blessed by my somewhat tiresome but lovely little adventure.

This is real life.

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  1. ngaio9 says:

    Thank you my friend, I needed to read that today …. someone else who understands the cost involved helps lift that emotional and mental burden a little

    1. I certainly do understand! It’s such a juggling act, I do hope we get to create more together one day. xx

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