A Simple Life

I’ve just discovered this FB page called “No Sidebar”.  A friend tagged me on an article  (see here) entitled  “because I don’t want the things the world wants for me” after she finished reading my blog called torn betwixt my dreams and just being 

I realise that there’s a whole world of people out there who just want to get off this speed train of what our lives have become.  I’ve had an internal battle going on for some time about this very thing.

cropped-dscn1620.jpgI’ve always wanted “A Simple Life”.  All those years ago when I first started this blog and called it  “Cottage Dreams – A simple life, Cottage dreams and Frugal Fashion” it was something I was yearning for and trying to create in the midst of the busy space we found ourselves in.  I lived in the country and yet I always wanted to go deeper to find the peace I was yearning for and in some ways still yearning for.  We would do what we called ‘day runners’ just to get away and find some space to breath and fill the longing for that peace. Here’s one of our little getaways!

cropped-italy-cottage2.jpgAs I think about that now, I am realising more and more that the peace I seek will only be found when I finally am at peace with me.  I need to stay true to myself, true to the things I love, true to the things that make my heart sing and if i’m not quite sure, or, if  somehow I’ve lost touch with those things, then I need to find them again.

It means being ok with liking things that maybe a best friend doesn’t like and enjoying doing the things that maybe my man doesn’t enjoy so much.   It means not going with the trend just because it’s the only way you think you can be successful.  It means resisting the urge to do something because of those words “you should”.   It may mean being happy with the outcome that may not look quite like what you had dreamed it to be.

So I flicked over to read the article that my friend sent me and found these words…

“Every day, more stuff comes into our lives: stuff in our houses, stuff on our calendars, stuff on our minds. All that stuff gets in the way of where we really want to go and who we really want to be … it’s time to make a change.” ( Sidebar Homepage) 

Wow, I couldn’t have said better how I was feeling.  I feel like I’ve walked around a mountain and up ahead I can see the place from which I embarked and as I draw close it’s slowly dawning on me that this place is good… this place of simple pleasures, trees and birdsong,  planes, trains and automobiles and things of an older era – all here in Guildford reminding me of what I really love and reminding me that the person I am – and that who I am inherently is ok.  I don’t have to be a Chameleon for someone to like me and nor do you.chameleon-20clip-20art-canstock12451364




I just have to be me.




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