A New Day – Reset

Somedays you wake up and you know something has changed.

Today was one of those of those days and just like a light turning on in a dark room, I realised a door was about to close and another would soon open. Since leaving Australia some months ago, the journey has been an interesting one, in that every time I approached my blog page with the intention to write, no words would come and yet I had so much to write about. My heart was full, is full, with adventure and discovery, a new land and stories. Stories I want to share, but no. I just could not.

Today tho, it became clear. I saw a door opened for me – to close. Now, that may sound strange. I’m showing up here to say goodbye, farewell and on the other hand – ‘hello’!    I’ll still show up here, now and then, but i’m officially moving

closing a door – opening a door

out with the old – in with the new

I guess you could call it a RESET

You may have heard me speak about this thing I’ve had brewing behind the scenes. A story, A song, A picture I’ve had for so long – I’ve not known how to unpack it nor have I had the confidence to do so. Today something changed.

Let me explain.

Today, my fellow dreamer (hubby) and I drove off to see a little more of this land that lies under the long white cloud and I began to say out loud “I think it’s time to leave my blog and head over to my new one,”

“what new one?”

The one I’ve been working on and hiding for too long – it’s called…

this is my story, this is my song

It’s been sitting, bubbling, brewing, building, waiting patiently for the right time and at the same time I’ve been writing writing writing – trying to get all these words, our story onto paper, into a book. For some reason, I just knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the time was right to press the RESET button. I’ve still work to do and my perfectionistic nature wants to over ride ‘creative faith’ by whispering ‘NO not yet’, but I’ve heard

“when the noise of what you want to do becomes louder than what your doing then it’s time to move”

So baby steps will do – time to step out into the unknown. It scares me no end but I’m compelled to move and tho there be no end of excuses I could find to talk my self out of it

If I am to live me best life,

I need to move …. I MUST MOVE


It was not surprise then, that today’s road led us to something new, something significant. The sun was shining brightly, unlike yesterday, when everything was grey and uncertain, including me.  But today, as we drove down ‘State Highway 2’ looking for a new cafe, I babbled on to fellow dreamer about the noise that was humming in my head.  Fellow dreamer, also filled with with similar stirrings, babbled back and together we were one happy ‘babble’ of hope and excitement until we eventually arrived.

We found our Cafe in the little town of Pukehou not to far from the little town of Otane. We stayed there, young honeymooners, many moons ago.

Cottage Cafe – Seemingly Insignificant – Truly Enlightening

Earthy, organic and emanating warmth, it seemed to make our babble keep bubbling. It was as if we’d found a treasure or at least a sign. Something about this place seemed to be speaking to us and in time I may share that story. It was not by chance that we were here. As we sat at moss covered tables, warmed within by homemade fare and warmed without by golden sunlight, I sensed this place would be part of the new and a place we’d be coming back to.

Light bulb moments, connections and confirmations were going off like fire crackers and making something come alive in both of us. I love this.

So soon, very soon you’ll find me somewhere new

It’s an exciting journey waiting to unfold with stories waiting to be told.

I do hope you’ll join me.

Farewell my cottagedreams, I’m laying you to rest – at least for a season, trading you for something ‘new’ and in some way, although I’m sad to go, I think I may be trading my sorrows for joy.


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  1. Debra Lee Casadio says:

    Beautiful Steph🌹. Looking forward to enjoying your new adventures with you from afar🌹. Us too, a new season awaits🌹🌹🌹

    1. Oh tell me more!! What’s happening in your world 👏

  2. jessgamble23 says:

    So excited for what God is about to do here!! X

    1. Love new horizons!!

  3. Joanne Gorman says:

    “lovely” may your days be filled with sunshine and those secret dreams come to pass, sending much love your way xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks precious friend xx

  4. Anni Crouch says:

    Awesome…new horizons are exciting and an adventure to be had. All the best to both of you from us…love to hear of the new…

    1. Hey Anni – hope you guys are going well wherever you may be right now!! Xx Life is an adventure … hopefully will have the new site up soon 👍

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