A Holding Bay

Sometimes one comes to a place in ones life where we can feel “held” not hemmed in so to speak, just held. Just when I begin to feel that maybe I can move past my disappointments, even regrets and just get on with life in this holding bay, something comes to shake my status quo and I’m left wondering. Left asking and still yet I have no answers.

Is this just what a ‘grown ups’ life feels like? If it is then maybe I don’t like being a grown up! Am I just dissatisfied or was our life filled with careless choices and now we bear the fruit or maybe lack of it? But to say that would discredit our journey thus far and undervalue all we gave our life for and all those lives we fought for in years gone by. I know we sowed in faith believing we we’re called to that life and so I fight off those feelings and voices that come to rob.

How I long to silence those voices.



Stop that looking back.

We all have inner turmoil. Don’t we?

I want to live an honest life, not a life of screens and mirrors unless that mirror is to reflect the radiance of Christ, the beautiful one.

So I choose honesty over a perfect life , joy in the midst of sadness, smiles in the face of our storm.

I am not alone.

Carefully crafted storms are raging all over this planet. Maybe your in one of them right now.

You are not alone, although sometimes it may feel like that. Stay in the boat. Stay in your holding bay.

You’re gonna be ok.

I leave you with Jenn Johnson – let her sweet song lift you to higher ground as it lifts me.

You’re Gonna Be Ok – Jenn Johnson

Pic: Hand Drawn By Corina Jasmin – sunflower added by my hubby (he says that’s me in his storm)