A Little Cottage Cafe

Last week I visited a little stone cottage called the “Magiric Emporium”. It’s an amazing old cottage that has been restored and turned into a a lovely old world cafe’ serving lunchtime treats and Petit-fours. It’s run by two lovely ladies, regular mums who have seized the day and decided to live their dream. I … More A Little Cottage Cafe

The Weekend

Weekends are always busy in our world! I often think that I’d like to spend the days leisurely gardening and crafting but it rarely seems to happen. Saturdays are taken up mostly with running the little treasures to sports events and by the time that’s over there is little time left but to clean up after the aftermath of a busy … More The Weekend

Inquisitive Cows

THE FIVE MINUTE GARDEN RULE! Here’s my little newly planted patch. Humble I know but it’s all I can manage right now!! I once read an article called ‘The Five Minute Gardener’ and since then it’s helped me to realize that I can just work with what I have. Right now my hubby is recovering … More Inquisitive Cows